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Sample rate is once a minute, and includes the last 900 entries.

BonusRig1 (~238kh/s) rotates hourly between anyone with a pending balance, or a previous payout, with atleast one worker, and one hash per second.

Payout info
Please join the pool discord
Please report any issues in the discord
!! Weekly maintenance and server restarts will begin every Sunday@11pm ET(UTC -5:00 / -4:00) - !!

Potential mining value: This is an estimate with 95% of the last blocks payout used to best guess your share of the reward if a block hit happened right now. This is by no means a guarantee or a promise of earnings. For maximum potential value mine 24/7. If you are a new miner this value will take up to length of the current PPLNS window to reach maximum value

Pool fee: 0.1%, at 0.80 reward the pool receives 0.00080. Half of this is split between the donation addresses listed on monero-pool and xmrig github readmes, the other half will be used towards infrastructure fees. Join the Discord for more info.

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